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Goats - Does

Goats - Does


Starting out at $600+ depending on goat and availability.


My herd has been carefully selected from several small but prominent breeders all over the US. Our small herd hails from strong dairy genetics that consists of Six M Galaxy, Veteran's Ranch, and our Mini-Nubians come from Rosie’s Backyard Critter’s, a prominent mini-Nubian breeder in Kansas, and Willoughby Croft in Washington state.


Our goats are hand raised and handled daily. They are pasture raised and supplemented with horse-quality orchard /Timothy mixes hay, timothy pellets for the bucks, and organic alfalfa pellets for our does in milk. They also get a combination of organic pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, flax seeds, and kelp, and free-choice minerals.


They get organic raw apple cider vinegar and organic black strap molasses in their water and lots of love. We deworm with tobacco and herbs if needed. They are never sick, never have parasites, and are very hearty and healthy.

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