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Nubians and Mini-Nubians

Burberry Nubians are a small herd of dairy goats. We specialize in pastoral management and holistic husbandry. Our goats are handled daily and enjoy 2 acres of pasture. Occasionally we sell some of our goats to keep our numbers down. This is where you will find them or feel free to reach out to us!

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"I recently purchased an adult doe and her doeling from Burberry Nubians and could not be happier! (so much so that she came back and bought 2 more). Communication was excellent throughout the entire process, the goats are in excellent health and condition and clearly very well loved and care for! I will definitely be back for more Nubians in the future!"

Jenna Kasperbauer

"We got two goats, two roosters, and a LGD last summer. Her animals are well taken care of, and she's such a joy to do business with! Won't hesitate to do more in the future if I see something that I wanted/needed! You won't regret doing business with her either."

Christy Clayton

"She is a joy to work with and puts her all into the care of the animals."

Amanda Graf

"I bought a 7-year-old Mini-Nubian from Freda a couple of years ago. That was some of the best milk I've ever had from any of my dairy goats. She was extremely healthy and they seemed to take really good care of all of their animals."

Jaley Grant

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