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Support Our Farm

It takes a lot to run a small farm. We appreciate donations large and small and use the money for feed, repairs, and preventative health measures that are in alignment with our health policy. We invest heavily in our land and regenerative pasture management. All these variables play a significant role in the quality of our skincare products. 

Being able to source our raw milk from our own goats is awesome because not all goat milk is created equal. Let's face it, a lot of animals today are sick. They are as sick as their human counterparts. They are injected with va cc in ations, synthetic ingredients, fed medicated feeds, and have a lifetime of antibiotics and health issues. There are alternative ways that dump mainstream deathcare and where animals and humans thrive.  Knowing where the goat came from, the genetic background, the health of the goat, and controlling animal husbandry practices through nutrition and holistic practices are only going to increase the quality of the milk and our skincare products. 


Where you come in:

 Your donations go towards all of these things. This year your donations helped us purchase 4 months of feed, a heavy-duty John Deere riding lawnmower, and a new computer. We are still in need of a heavy-duty pull-behind spreader that won't deteriorate or break down and a UTV. 

My Black Copper Marans dark laying eggs are a great source of income and I have been working on quadrupling their pens to increase sales later this fall and in 2024. This includes the Heavy Bloom lines too. 


You can follow our journey on Facebook and Instagram to see your money at work!


Click the link to donate today! Every dollar helps us reach our goals! I appreciate YOU and cannot do it without your help



"I just wanted to tell you what a great product MOONMAG Vital Vortex Lotion is - of course you know that already! My daughter found your products and ordered the first bottle for me. I had knee replacement surgery and as the nerves started to regenerate, it caused me to have horrendous restless leg problems along with the pain from the actual surgery. Nothing really helped except the drugs the doctor prescribed. I was not getting much sleep and what I got was interrupted frequently with pain and restlessness. I started using the MOONMAG lotion and it has helped tremendously! I can't thank you enough for creating such an amazing product. I have told many friends about this and I am sure they will be ordering as well." 

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