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Multigenerational Olive Egger Chicks

Multigenerational Olive Egger Chicks

Minimum of 6 (six) chicks must be ordered shipping during the warmer months of May through September. I will include 1 (one) extra. During colder and winter montsh the minimum is 14 chicks. Make sure to add the CHICK EXPRESS SHIPPING to you cart. These wills start shipping at the end of May.


These are $20 for each chick.


These are straight-run chicks that will hatch a variety of shades of Olive Eggs and some gorgeous brown eggs and possibly everthing in between. Our Olive Egg collection is constantly evolving with each generation. Right now we are breeding F1OE, BC1OE and BC2OE.  Our BackCrosses are being bred to a Heavy Bloom Black Copper Marans Rooster or a Black Copper Marans Rooster both out or dark egg lines. I only keep the hens that lay the eggs that I am looking for - those eye catching, jaw dropping, mouth stopping eggs that you just have to have in your egg basket. If the hens eggs are not up to my project standards then I move them along.


I breed for darker eggs with each generation, unique color variations and patterns, heavy blooms and lots and lots of speckles both great and small! 


What you SEE in these pictures is what I have NOW but what their hatching chicks lay will be another generation along and will be another evolution of egg colors, patterns, speckles, and heavy blooms!


*Please note that after the first generation, an olive egg is not guaranteed. They turn into easter eggers and you can get anything, it is a wild card. However, after the 4th generation you start to get Olive Egger Stability which ensures pure olive eggs. Additionally, while some may produce a brown egg it will not be a plain brown egg!


There is so much details and culling involved to arrive at that one superior egg that you absoluytely must have. You could have 20 hens and only get 1 incredibly unique colored egg! That is why it is easier to buy "into" them than it is to try and breed them yourselves because it takes a lot of time, patience, seperate pens, and money. 



    Our birds are hand raised and handled daily. They are pasture raised and supplemented with a non-GMO, six-way scratch feed, non-GMO Grower Feed, and non-GMO layer feed by Nature Crest. Additionally, they get Cluckin Good Herbs from Scratch-N-Peck, organic sesame seeds, organic flax seeds, kelp, mealworms, black soldier flies, and table scraps. They roam our pastures 24/7/365 and live out in the fresh mountain air and sunshine. They are never sick, never have parasites, and are very hearty, healthy birds. We maintain a very small flock.


    A minimum of 6 chicks or ducklings is required during warmer months and 14 during colder/winter months. Chicks and Ducklings are inspected daily. They are given Raw Apple Cider Vinegar, Raw Garlic, and Fresh Thyme in their water as soon as they can drink. They are fed a non-GMO, six-way scratch feed, herbs, sesame seeds, flax seeds, kelp, mealworms, black soldier flies, and eggs.

    Chicks and ducklings must be picked up upon the agreed time/day of pickup or additional care fees will be applied at $20 a day.

    Custom hatches require a 40% deposit. 


    If you need to contact us in regard to an existing order, please reply to the order confirmation email. This keeps all correspondence tied directly to your order so that we do not lose track of anything that we may agree on. Social Media Messages and direct emails get lost easily with the large number of communications we receive daily.


    We are now only shipping chicks between April and September with a minimum of 6 (six) chicks. All other months the minimum will move to 14 chicks. We will provide 1 (one) extra chick. They will ship in the order they are recieved. 

    A minimum of 4 chicks for pick-up.

    Please read our shipping policy here.


    We ship chicks via USPS Priority Mail Express 3-Day and we ship in USPS-approved poultry chick shipping boxes and include enough food for their journey. You can purchase a heat pack in our store. 

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