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Vanilla Bourbon Body Spray/Cologne 3.4oz

Vanilla Bourbon Body Spray/Cologne 3.4oz

Immerse yourself in a symphony of tantilzing scents, as zesty mandarine dances with warm bourbon and sweet vanilla, and a hint of spices. This body spray is masculine, rugged and sensual. It is popular amongst the ladies and the gentlemen. The rich and warm vanilla bean mingles with crisp mandarin and an alluring bottom of warm barrel aged bourbon. This body spray smells so sensual. This cologne spray offers a deep, rich scent that is both intense and enveloping.


Some of the essential oils used in this spray are apart of the aphrodisiac family.


Ingredients: Organic Vodka, Essential Oil Blend


3.4oz spray bottle 


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  • Directions:

    You can use this natural spray as a cologne or a room spray. The best areas to spray would be on the back of your neck, the crease of your arm (inner elbow) and wrist. When sprayed in these spots, the cologne benefits from body heat which will warm through the fragrance. Remember that even when you can no longer smell your cologne, everybody else still can. Also, if you like to spray cologne on your wrists, be sure to avoid the common mistake of rubbing them together as this disrupts the molecules of a fragrance.

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