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"The healthiest animals I've ever seen. She is meticulous when it comes to research and their health. Burberry Nubians goes above and beyond when it comes to humane practices and natural holistic care. I am very excited to buy some baby goats from her."

Lilith Love

"I've been getting goat milk from Freda and it's amazing - clean, velvety smooth, creamy, and delicious. Goat milk from Nubians definitely seems to be superior in taste and richness to milk from other goat breeds. Highly recommend."

Elena Carter

"I bought a 7-year-old Nubian from Freda a couple of years ago. That was some of the best milk I've had from any of my dairy goats. She was extremely healthy and they seemed to take really good care of all their animals."

Jaley Grant

"I have received 2 dozen eggs, both duck and chicken eggs. They have all been super yummy. Freda is awesome and knows her stuff and goes above and beyond to take care of her animals to get the best product. Highly recommend."

Cole Cantrell

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